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Our Services


Propack offers industry-standard/best practices in the meticulous cataloging and inventory of every homeowner possession that is affected by the loss.  We photo-catalogue each item we come into contact with and produce a spreadsheet of all the contents that will be extracted, cleaned, stored and returned as well as any that are deemed "non-salvageable" for your convenience.


Once all the contents are properly inventoried, our team of technicians will professionally wrap, box or pad all the appropriate items to preserve their integrity throughout the trip they are about to take to our specialized cleaning and storage production plant.

Cleaning and Storage

Once delivered to our production plant, we begin our state-of-the-art  cleaning process including ozoning, Untrasonic scrubbing, and wipe down to deodorize, sanitize and disinfect.  Then the items will be stored neatly in our specialized, sealed vaults and placed within our climate-controlled facility rendering them safe from heat and humidity.


Once your contractor is complete with the full mitigation and repair of your home we will set a date that is convenient for you to return your restored belongings.  All large items will be put in place and all boxed items will be situated in the room they were initially extracted from.  Our team will work closely with you during this delicate process.

PropackContents works directly with your insurance adjuster to assess the extent of damages to your belongings and determine what can be restored and what might not. You will be provided a detailed list of any non-restoreable items within your claim.

We use

Textiles cleaning, Electronics cleaning, furniture cleaning and more.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the best choice

of a company restoration for cleaning 

and processing all types of fire, water and mold damaged contents the most effective way possible.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our Certifications

IICRC Certified
Xactimate certified
Jacksonville FL - Packout company in Florida
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We are ready to assist throughout the entire Sunshine State

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Propack's truck
Propack's truck
Propack's truck

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Our Goal

We work diligently to be more than just a packout, cleaning and storage company. We want to provide positive experiences for each homeowner we serve because we know how difficult it is to experience an insurance loss. Propack seeks to "less your stress" in these moments and are motivated by ensuring that each one of our customer are highly satisfied - and relieved

Roadmap - Packout, Cleaning and storage

We provide a roadmap to the entire restoration process so that you’ll understand exactly what to expect along the way.

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